VIDEO: Electric Light Eyes

In anticipation of next week's release of It's Difficult To Know Anything At All, we are sharing a new song, "Electric Light Eyes", with an accompanying video collage made from public domain surrealist, dadaist and early films.  This song includes one of Bradford's favorite lines, a line that could serve as a subtitle to the album: "Just to know how much there still is to know."  We think these films cobbled together sloppily and without overthinking, present rich associational territory that perform the unending possibilities of unknowing.  

"Electric Light Audio" is available to stream on our media page

It's Difficult To Know Anything At All will be released Tuesday March, 24th.  You will be able to purchase it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify/RDio.  Physical artifacts of the release will be available at our upcoming shows in Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC and Richmond.